Our Mission

Lead by our Professor, Dr. Deborah Lawrence, we are a group of UVA students fighting for the right climate by #writingclimate. Join us in affirming our commitment to the fundamentals of climate science and policy through artwork.

COME SEE OUR ART SHOW!!! (details below)

Climate art: let’s get it right

An exhibit of words on paper by UVA’s @writeclimate.

This semester, 37 students have engaged members of the UVA community in art to create awareness of climate change. Over 1200 people wrote a piece of our shared climate story—the history of climate science and policy, why we care about climate change, and what we are doing about it. The students have taken those words on paper and created art. Opening at the amphitheater April 16th from 12-4 pm. Dancing, popsicles, and a chance to ‘write climate for the right climate.’ Visit the show during earthweek in Clark Hall from April 17th-23rd.

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